Premium LED Lighting

Not all landscape lighting is equal. Our products and expert installation are guaranteed for life. Find our what makes Lightworks WNY different from the other guys.

How we're different

Lifetime Warranty

Durable construction, robust circuitry, and protection from the elements. Survives a lifetime - we guarantee it.

Solid Brass Construction

Heavy-duty cast brass components will not bend, break or corrode. Maintains beauty and functionality year after year.

UL Listed

Install with confidence. Our products comply with critical certifications & standards.

Heavy Duty Cast Brass

Backed by a “No Hassle” Lifetime Warranty, these are not your typical LED lights. This product is engineered to last forever with a cast brass body, knuckle, and shroud that ensure protection from physical and chemical abuse. The internal components are impervious to water damage and corrosion.

Adjustable brightness for each Fixture

With a simple to use wireless remote, each fixture can be independently adjusted for brightness. This is an important feature which can be used to adapt to different landscape conditions such as obstructing shrubs or harsh reflections. A single remote can control each fixture separately.

Multiple beam angles

Our expert installers can calibrate every fixture with the proper beam angle and light distribution. Replaceable optical lenses make gaining the ideal lighting conditions possible all around your home.

And More!

Superior LEDs

USA-made circuit boards, drivers, and Cree® LEDs are the most advanced and reliable technology available.

Water tight seal

Precision engineering keeps your circuitry dry - guaranteed, for a lifetime of worry-free operation.

Adjustable Guards

Great lighting is about the projected light, not the light source. 360º adjustable guards let us hide the source light from view.