Pathway Lighting

Make your pathways safer and more elegant.

Get a Free Custom Pathway Lighting Quote

We’ll provide you with a completely free consultation from one of our experts. We’ll come out, assess the path, the home, and the overall needs of your pathway. We will then present our vision for shining a light on your path or walkway!

Illuminate Your Pathway

Our goal is to provide full coverage of your path to make maneuvering at night as easy as possible. Proper lighting adds an extra level of safety and security to any pathway. We will calculate all the required distances and fixtures required to make sure you won’t have to navigate in the dark again.

Pathway Lighting Fixtures

All of the pathway fixtures that we use are LED – meaning they’re energy efficient and they won’t burn out. These aren’t the lights that you find at the home improvement center. Our pathway lights are cast brass so they’ll withstand all the elements, and we offer a lifetime warranty on each and every one of them.

You’ll see that our pathlights offer a traditional architectural style and project out a soft-edge medium light beam. Unlike plastic “big-box” lights, these solid cast brass fixtures not only won’t break or bend, but they’ll actually become more beautiful as they age. These pathway lights are the perfect solution to add light and beauty along any path of your home.