Patio Lighting

Keep the good times going after the sun goes down

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We can help you squeeze every last bit of summer out of your beautiful patio. We have 15+ years of experience in outdoor lighting, offer a free consolation and will provide you with a patio plan and a complimentary quote!

Exquisite Patio & Deck Lighting Design

Here in Western NY, we have a limited time to enjoy our patios. With proper patio lighting, we can extend the use and utility of any patio once the sun goes down. We can install proper downlights, deck lights, spotlights and area lighting to illuminate your patio with the proper amount of light.

Once you sign up for the free consultation, we will create a master plan for proper patio or deck lighting coverage. This includes setting up the fixtures with precise angles and brightness to give your patio some real pop. You’ll love the outcome that our deck and patio lighting provides in your new nighttime backyard oasis!

Deck & Patio Lighting Fixtures

One of the most important elements of great patio lighting is ambiance. We use lights that can set up to 50 levels of light so we can dial in the perfect brightness for your deck or patio. Our lights also feature different optical angles so that we can spread light in the right direction.

We only use lighting fixtures that you won’t find at big-box stores – no plastic here. Our lights are solid cast brass fixtures that won’t bend or break. They even come with a no-hassle money back guarantee. We only use LED lighting that won’t burn out, will never need a bulb change, and are extremely energy efficient.