Tree Lighting

Appreciate your trees - both day & night

Get a Free Custom Tree Lighting Quote

Why should you only appreciate your home’s fantastic foliage during the day? With professional tree lighting, you can enjoy nature at night as well! We have 15+ years of experience in setting up lighting and highlighting specific plants and trees so you can enjoy them at any time. We offer a complimentary consolation and will provide you with a plan and a no-hassle quote!

Illuminate Your Foliage

Trees can be one of the most beautiful assets that you own. It’s said that mature trees and good landscaping can increase the value of a property up to 19%. We know how to properly illuminate your trees for the most impact possible.

After an initial meeting where we assess the situation and hear your needs and wants, we will then present our vision for illuminating your foliage.  We’ll make sure that all the proper lighting considerations are taken (shadows, growth, angles) so your trees really stand out.

Tree Lighting Fixtures

The Lightworks WNY difference is two-fold: experience and excellence. Our fixtures are one-of-a-kind solid cast brass spotlights that won’t bend or break and will beautifully age over time. Oh, and they have a hassle-free lifetime warranty. That’s excellence.

Unlike retail lighting, our tree spotlights feature 50 light levels so we can adjust accordingly as your trees grow and change. Furthermore, our fixtures have interchangeable optics and can achieve up to four different beam angles. This means that no matter how much your situation changes, we can accommodate it in a tasteful fashion.