Utility Lighting

We can light up any area of your home that you’d like

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One of our favorite tasks is solving specialized problems with lighting. Utility lighting extends past the typical house or landscape lights and is lighting with a purpose. If you are looking to light up something special based on your needs, set up a free consultation and see how we can help!

Specialized Lighting For Your Unique Needs

Whether you are looking for a light to help your dog go to the bathroom at night, light up outdoor art, or illuminate a basketball court, we can help!

We are the best in the area at problem solving your lighting needs and providing a custom solution that fits! With 15+ years of experience, you won’t believe some of the jobs we’ve successfully completed. We are looking forward to helping with yours!

Utility Lighting Fixtures

All of our lights are LED solid cast brass fixtures. This isn’t the junk you’ll find at your local hardware store. Instead, the mix of fixtures we use for your utility lighting project won’t bend, break and will age beautifully over time. Oh, and they have a hassle-free lifetime warranty!