Maintenance Plans

Simple Maintenance Plans To Keep Your Home & Landscapes Shining Brightly

Why We Recommend Maintenance Plans

Ongoing maintenance to your landscape or home lighting systems is essential to ensuring that your LED lights are always working and looking their best. Since these are outdoor lights, natural events like weather changes or foliage growth can affect the original installation and placements of the lights and require some adjusting. When your lighting systems are ready for maintenance, one of our experts visit to your home to complete a full “health” check on all lighting systems and fixtures, re-position fixtures as needed, and recalibrate¬†each light. Your home or landscape lights will be in tip-top shape for the next season in no time!

Easy To Understand Plans

With our simple, no-frill maintenance plans, your lighting systems never have to be less than stellar. We’ll include what you need and leave out what you don’t. Speak with one of our¬†experts to find the outdoor lighting maintenance plan that works for you.

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