How many lights will I need?

No two landscape lighting systems are the same, so that’s why all of our client projects begin with a face-to-face, on-site meeting at the subject property to ensure that we understand our client’s goals and expectations, as well as the unique site conditions of every property. Once we assess site conditions, the LightWorks WNY team will craft a custom project scope and installation plan to meet your goals and expectations.

How do I maintain my lighting system once installed?

Your LightWorks WNY lighting system is designed to be as owner maintenance-free as possible. Most of our systems operate on a photocell sensor to ensure optimal on/off operation. Occasional LED lens cleaning, light level and/or beam spread adjustments may be required. Please contact your LightWorks WNY professional for more information or to set up a routine system maintenance check.

Why is an LED lighting system installed by LightWorks WNY a better choice than a traditional halogen system?

Please give us a call to discuss the specifics, but a cast brass, fully integrated LED lighting system will require less maintenance (no bulbs to replace), will produce a better short and long term result (fully adjustable light levels and beam spreads), and will be far more energy and cost efficient over time. Also, our products are backed by the manufacturer’s “no hassle” lifetime warranty. Finally, our experienced team has installed thousands of light fixtures and completed hundreds of lighting system installations, so let us take care of the installation headaches and complexities.

How much will a lighting system cost?

Our pledge is to provide straightforward, all-in pricing on a ‘per fixture’ basis that is always based upon a face-to-face in person consultation and property assessment. Please contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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